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Respiratory Health

Syrup, Lozenges & Chestrub

Cold and cough are the most common symptoms from which everyone suffers. This is because we are breathing air in and out continuously for 24 hours. Hence, the germs, dust particles, chemicals, fumes, smoke of vehicles and other factors, which pollute the air, are constantly being inhaled. The overcrowding pre-disposes to transfer of germs of cold and cough, from one person to another. It is impossible to control the humid climate, overcrowding and the pollution.

Coughing is an important way to keep your throat and airways clear. However, excessive coughing may mean you have an underlying disease or disorder

The special combination CORSHE is expected to exert expectorant and mucolytics effects thus relieving the distressing symptoms of cough. The main goals of therapy are to decrease the symptom of cough and provide symptomatic relief. 

A select combination of natural extracts:

Helps loosen mucus, more relaxed Breathing, Soothes Raspy Throat, Easier Swallowing, and Alcohol Free!

Corshe is

  • 100% Natural Actives
  • Safe & Effective
  • Clinically Validated