ARTREX® Cream is a US FDA approved natural, topical formulation for rapid relief and consistent long term effect for bone, joint and muscle aches and inflammation. It contains eight natural essential oils in an esthetically appealing and pleasant-smelling cream form. This natural product offers fast and effective, long lasting pain relief associated with arthritis, simple back ache, spondylitis, tendonitis, fibrositis, lumbago, bursitis, sprains and strains and sports injuries. It is clinically validated in osteoarthritis and musculo-skeletal pain. Line extensions also include roll-on, patches, joint wraps, lotion and liniment sprays.

A natural way to healthy bones and joints
100% Natural Actives 
Safe and Effective
US Patented
US FDA Approved.

ARTREX® Cream is a soothing, non-staining, elegant cream for easy and appealing application. It has eight natural essential oils with well-known anti-inflammatory properties, acting at various stages of inflammation and modulated to achieve maximum efficacy without any side effects. It permeates the outer layers of the skin to penetrate to the deeper tissues alleviating inflammation and pain within minutes, and lasting for several hours. ARTREX Cream has a National Drug Code number assigned by the US FDA.