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In-Vitro Biology
This aspect of drug discovery and validation has gained phenomenal importance in recent years for documentation of efficacy and mechanism of action in tissue culture cell media prior to testing in animals and human subjects. Bioved routinely conducts in-vitro studies for its natural plant-based products, yet another aspect of the N/Rx - Natural Products Validated to Prescription Standards. Some of the studies conducted routinely include -

Cell Biology
Cyto-toxicity evaluation against various cells using
     - MTT assay (96-Well)
     - CCK-8 assay
     - SRB assay
ELISA assays for
     - TNF-alpha
     - Interleukin-6
     - Interleukin-1
     - Other cytokines
     - Adhesion molecules

     - Microbial analysis for raw material and finished products
     - Determination of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of natural        products against micro-organisms
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