Product Development
Bioved specializes in pharmaceutics and formulation development of various dosage forms. This data is the foundation for manufacturing procedures, specifications and validation of the commercial processes.

The Product Development Laboratory is critical for establishing a scientifically validated and reproducible link between experimental and commercial batches. Bioved has pioneered the gold standards for testing for microbial contamination, pesticide residues and heavy metals in natural products. Bioved manufactures commercial batches for its various partners across the globe only at WHO-GMP (World Haelth Organization - Good Manufacturing Practices) or cGMP (US FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified manufacturing units.

A. Preformulation Studies
     - Extract selection
     - Dosage definition
     - Selection of mixing solvents and excipients to optimize stability and efficacy

B. Formulation Development Process Validation
     - Method development and validation to meet the most demanding industry and        regulatory requirements

C. Stability Studies
     - Stability studies of raw material and finished products
     - Real time and accelerated analysis
     - Analytical testing of related substances and quantification of active content in        formulations
     - Meets ICH (International Conference on Harmonisation) guidelines

D. Scale-up Clinical Trial Samples and Pilot Batches for
     - Capsules
     - Creams, gels, lotions and liniments
     - Oral syrups
     - Powders and granules
     - Medicinal teas and lozenges

E. Technical Support for Preparation of
     - Technical Dossiers
     - Drug Master Files
     - Standard Operating Procedures

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