For over a decade, we have developed a core competency for repeated and successful research on various plants and plant extracts. Our plant library consists of more than 50 plants and a multitude of unique plant extracts and compounds that can be rapidly utilized for further research and product development. The Bioved Research Center is a platform for drug discovery and development, and a spectrum of contract research services meeting international standards through its facility located in Pune, India. The Center provides rapid, customized analysis and reports using innovative information technology and laboratory testing menus for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Bioved conducts the following research activities for its in-house N/Rx® product development and for its pharma and biotech client companies:
- Plant Screening and Chemistry
- Product Development
- Animal Pharmacology and Toxicology
- Molecular and Cell Biology
- Clinical Studies
- Regulatory Affairs
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Plant Screening & Chemistry
Product Development
Animal Pharmacology
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Clinical Studies
Regulatory Affairs
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