Intellectual Property Strategy

With continued reproducible R & D success, Bioved has recently adopted an aggressive IP Strategy in filing US and International patents for its proprietary natural products and technologies. We currently have three issued patents and five applications. A similar approach to publications in reputed peer-reviewed medical journals is underway. These services can be expanded and offered to meet the needs of our clients and partner companies.

Discovery Pipeline

Bioved is focused on the discovery and development of natural products for 'Disorders of the Aging Population' that have treatment limitations in modern medicine. Having a well documented 4,000 year old science of Ayurveda, and leveraged cost-effective R & D in India gives the Company an advantage to rapidly screen, define, develop and test natural products that meet the needs of regulatory bodies, consumers and markets worldwide. The Company still does the entire spectrum of N/Rx validation, but with the confidence of Ayurvedic medicine, some of these activities can be done in parallel, rather than sequentially, to significantly reduce both the development time and the cost.

    BV-9238 -  Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    BV-9211 -  Osteoporosis
    BV-3111 -  Immune Health
    BV-4231 -  Metabolic Syndrome
    BV-7003 -  Memory loss

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