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In order to meet the growing worldwide demand of quality and high yield plant based medicinal products, Plant Tissue Culture and Cultivation is rapidly becoming a necessity of the coming years.
Plant Tissue Culture is a practice used to propagate plants under sterile conditions, often to produce clones of a plant. It can be initiated from almost any part of a plant. The parent plant must be healthy and free from obvious signs of disease or decay. The exact conditions required to initiate and sustain plant cells in culture, or to regenerate intact plants from cultured cells, are different for each plant species; and have to be identified for each variety through experimentation. They can further be induced to re-differentiate into whole plants by alterations to the growth media. Apart from having direct commercial applications, plant tissue culture offers tremendous value in basic research into cell biology, genetics and biochemistry. Bioved works only with cultivated plants, and has recently initiated this activity to ensure quality supply of its specialized plant extracts for worldwide market needs.

Advantages of Plant Tissue Culture
     - Environment friendly
     - Efficient, continuous, reliable
     - Homogenous production
     - Not affected by variations of soil, climate, infections etc.
     - Controlled environment-enhancement of phytochemical production
     - Maintain a stable and consistent plant source
     - Fast growth
          i. Select for high production of desired bio-active compound/s
         ii. Easier extraction
        iii. Starter cells for next generation plants, products and compounds
     - Produce many copies of the same plants with better flowers, odors, fruits and        medicinal properties that are beneficial to human beings, animals and        ecosystems.

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