Bioved's business model focuses on forming licensing partnerships with medium to large nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies in geographic locations of the world; and distribution relationships with marketing and distribution companies that specialize in selling natural products, dietary supplements and other consumer related goods through the web and other retail outlets. Bioved also wholesales its products to independent distributors and business owners such as Chiropractors, Naturopaths and other Alternative Health related professionals internationally.
You can buy Artrex from any of our valued distributors.
How to become a Distributor?
If you are a Pharma company, chain, independent, or web retail outlet and feel Bioved products would make a great addition to your current pipeline or retail outlet please contact agrigsby@bioved.com or call 408-332-8622. If you are an Alternative health doctor or representative or an individual wholesaler please email sales@bioved.com *Individuals who want to purchase our products at wholesale must meet the required wholesale minimums.

Independent Distributors
If you are an Independent business owner such as a Chiropractor, Naturapath or any alternative health related professional from anywhere in the world, you can become an Independent Distributor for our products developed on N/Rx platform.

Why become an Independent Distributor?
   • Scientifically validated natural products that are safe and effective
   • Products developed to meet a wide consumer base with unmet health needs
   • Products already selling for 10+ years in other countries of the world, with
   • Very satisfied customers and excellent prescriber base of doctors and other      healthcare professionals
   • Dedicated visionary management
   • Strong pipeline of products for "Disorders of the Aging Population"
   • Company support in the way of training, marketing material and easy reach for       any questions anytime
   • A direct Distributor to Company relationship with no 'middle men'
   • Become a Bioved Distributor - get financial gains and the satisfaction of knowing      that you will be improving the health and 'Quality of Life' of your family, friends      and customers.

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